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Whether working as an employee via Nasa Umbrella or utilising your own limited company with Nasa Accountancy, our streamlined online solutions take the hassle out of being a contractor, helping you focus getting the most out of your new assignment with MPI.

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Don't just take our word for it

Nasa Group have supported over 45,000+ contractors with an exceptional customer rating of 4.9/5 on Google Reviews.

Below are just a few of our reviews on Google, which you can check out yourself directly too here: (Click, and look at 'reviews' on the right hand side)

"Nasa Consulting provide a high quality and consistent service. Several years down the line I'm still a happy customer and would highly recommend to others."

"Fantastic service, very happy and been using their services for 4+ years
without any issues. Friendly & professional - would recommend to anyone"

"Great service from NASA throughout my short term contract. Answered all questions to my queries promptly. I Would recommend."

Which Nasa solution is best suited for me?

Nasa Umbrella

From £12.50 per week

Nasa Rewards (discounts and cashback)

Same day transfer with SMS notification

No timesheets required – self billing process

Personal Pension contributions (SIPP) available

Expenses (subject to an SDC assessment

Full statutory employment benefits – SSP,SMP etc

Instant access to your dedicated Account Manager

Excellent service - rated 4.9/5.0 by our contractors

Nasa Accountancy

From £99 + VAT per month

For new clients or existing LTD transfers to NASA

Dedicated accountant with unlimited access

Includes £13M Business Insurance

Business bank account setup

Fast track 24 hour company formation

IR35 experts with advice, status reviews & support

FreeAgent award winning software included

Tax planning and support

Nasa Hybrid

From £125 + VAT per month

Keep LTD Co trading if affected by IR35

Pay normal LTD fees each month

Use Umbrella for Inside IR35 contracts

Switch back to LTD when Outside IR35

NASA handle seamless transfer between both

Full umbrella solution at no extra cost when needed

Keep all your contracts in one place

Save £££s in charges

LTD Co becomes dormant when using Umbrella

Affected by IR35? Nasa Hybrid could be for you…

If you have a Limited Company but your client deems your role to be inside IR35 or simply refuses to work with PSCs, our Hybrid option could work for you.


We’ll keep your Limited Company open (in a dormant state) while giving you free unlimited access to Nasa Umbrella for any inside IR35 assignments. This means that your Limited Company remains open and ready to switch back to as soon as you get an assignment that is outside IR35, removing the hassle and cost of closing/re-opening your company.


We’ll also have visibility of your tax code, enabling us to ensure that you get the most out of your tax allowance, whichever method you’re being paid.

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