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Umbrella, CIS & Payroll Services for Contractors, Freelancers & Agencies

Nasa Umbrella - FCSA Accredited Member
Nasa Umbrella - FCSA Accredited Member CIS

Register online and join over 10,000 current workers across the UK who trust Nasa Umbrella 

Seamless service

I had an excellent experience using NASA as an Umbrella company. Set-up and payroll ran seamlessly and the help they provided with pension contributions was particularly good.

Prompt and accurate

I chose NASA based on previous reviews. They were incredibly prompt, accurate and responsive and I will use them again in the future.

Efficient and responsive

I have worked with the Umbrella company Nasa for over 18 months now and have found them incredibly efficient, and super responsive, plus they answered all my questions as it was my first time contracting. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you for making my first contracting position so easy.

Umbrella Company Pay Calculator

Select your daily rate of pay from the slider below to get an idea of what your take-home pay might be through Nasa Umbrella

£125 per day

Estimated weekly take-home pay


Assumptions for this calculation

Daily rate of pay: £


Days per week worked:   5

Tax Code:  1257L w1m1

What is this calculation based on? This calculation is designed to give you an estimated breakdown based on a selected rate of pay and some standard assumptions. For example, the figures quoted above are calculated without taking into account any student loan repayments or pensions, and are based on UK tax brackets. It also includes a standard admin margin deduction which can be subject to change. This means that the above figures are not intended to be 100% accurate. We will always provide you with an accurate and personalised illustration prior to your registration with us, as not everyone's situation is the same. Please note that Auto-enrolment will apply from your 12th week with Nasa Umbrella. For a personalised and accurate illustration please get in touch with us directly via our contact page or online chat!

Transparent margin

No percentage or varying income based fees - just a flat margin

Faster payments

Same day payments as standard, with a text notification and electronic payslip once funds have been issued

Dedicated team

Cross-trained account managers as first point of contact - who also respond to 95% of enquiries within 2 hours

Honest & realistic

Personalised pay projections in advance of signing up, so you know exactly what you'll keep

Fully accredited

FCSA - the gold standard for compliance in our industry

Why are we such a highly recommended Umbrella Company?

Transparent & Accurate

We pride ourselves on transparency across all aspects of our service.

We will always discuss your individual situation before you register with us, so that we can provide you with tailored and accurate information relevant to your circumstances.


Our online umbrella pay calculator gives you a general idea of what to expect, but our personalised illustration is where we stand out. We much prefer to spend the time going through everything when you first register, than to sign you up with over-inflated figures and cause stress on your pay day.

You’ll also have a dedicated point of contact who’s cross trained across our departments. They’ll be able to help with any queries and will continue to support you throughout your employment with Nasa Umbrella.

Simple Solutions & Systems

Our umbrella solution is designed with contracting in mind


It is quick to set up with us and our systems are easy to use; so you can spend your time contracting!


Our pricing structure is transparent and easy to understand, and we don’t have any hidden charges. We don’t have any joining or leaving fees, and there are no tie in periods to Nasa - just a simple weekly or monthly margin applied when you are actively receiving payment through us.

We understand the flexible nature of contracting, and therefore aim to provide a service which is as contractor friendly as possible. You can get in touch with us easily via phone, email or our webchat service, whichever is most convenient for you.

Compliance Confidence

We go one step further with FCSA Accreditation to prove our commitment to compliance.


When you work as an employee of Nasa Umbrella, you can rest assured that we are fully compliant with all HMRC legislation.


We report all tax and NI deductions to HMRC and will provide you with P45 /P60 information where relevant. We can also provide other supporting information for employment purposes etc where required.

Nasa Group are also an accredited member of the FCSA, so you can have peace of mind about avoiding nasty tax surprises or compliance issues. We’re always upfront about all deductions in our communications with you, whether this be over the phone or email.

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