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About Nasa Group

Nasa Group is a Bristol based Umbrella company established in 2006.

We provide a comprehensive Umbrella services for contractors, along with CIS, payroll processing and HMRC compliance so you can be sure your finances are in safe hands.

We are the #1 choice for many contractors across the UK, as our PAYE Umbrella company includes faster payments as standard and boasts hundreds of 5-star reviews online. We also offer a simple CIS Self-Employed payroll solution for those working under the Construction Industry Scheme.

We strive to provide our customers with the best payroll services that are compliant and up-to-date. Nasa is FCSA accredited and committed to providing the best possible service.

Nasa Umbrella FCSA Accredited Member

FCSA accreditation is recognised as the industry’s compliance gold standard. Accreditation is awarded to umbrella employers, contractor accountants and CIS payroll providers who can demonstrate the highest industry standards. As a service provider, accreditation will provide assurance to recruitment agencies that your business is fully compliant and transparent. For recruitment agencies, accreditation removes the time, complexity and cost of implementing a robust preferred suppliers list.


The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) is pleased to announce that Nasa Group has demonstrated full adherence to the FCSA Code of Compliance and is now a fully accredited member.  To become an accredited member, applicants must undergo a rigorous independent assessment of its business services, operations, policies and processes established by FCSA following extensive liaison with HMRC.

Adhering to the code of practice demonstrates to Government, freelancers, contractors and recruiters that FCSA members are acting both professionally and ethically within the UK tax, employment and regulatory laws. Coupled with financial stability tests, the FCSA Code of Conduct is proof that professional businesses can take the lead in delivering the highest levels of industry standards.

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Contractor Testimonials

It's easy to take our word for it, but it's better to see what other genuine contractors think. Below are just a few of our reviews on Google, which you can check out yourself directly too here: (Click, and look at 'reviews' on the right hand side)

"Nasa Consulting provide a high quality and consistent service. Several years down the line I'm still a happy customer and would highly recommend to others."

"I've used Nasa Accounting and Nasa Umbrella for going on 3 years now and have received a stellar service from both services. Their accountants are extremely knowledgable and their Umbrella service is hassle free."

"Fantastic service, very happy and been using their services for 4+ years
without any issues. Friendly & professional - would recommend to anyone"

"As a first-time contractor, I've found Nasa Consulting to be very helpful. They were clear and transparent when helping me to choose the right format for my business, and their management tools are simple and easy to use; perfect for my needs. Direct access to a personal accountant has been great, with prompt and clear answers to all of my questions."

"Great service from NASA throughout my short term contract. Answered all questions to my queries promptly. I Would recommend."

"If you need to use an umbrella service its really simple. Nasa Consulting are the people to go to. They are incredibly efficient turn round every request or issue in a heartbeat and get the payroll right every time. I've been in this game over 20 years and they are far and away the best company I've every worked with. Carry on the good work ladies and gentleman."

Google Reviews

Social Media & Nasa Updates

Feel free to follow us on Linkedin by finding our profile below, or keep up to date with the articles we publish to this website by viewing our News section

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