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Nasa Group for Contractors

CIS Self-Employed Payroll

A low cost, simple and efficient CIS Payroll, recommended by contractors and agencies alike.

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Nasa Umbrella offers a simple CIS Payroll for fast payments and no hassle

All of our systems are online & streamlined to take the hassle out of being a contractor, so you can focus on what you do best - your job!

No Tie ins or minimum contract length

Contract and invoices processed

Same day faster payments with text alerts

Weekly margin includes insurance

Monthly CIS Returns completed by NASA

Registered to process CIS Payments

NASA acts as the sub-contractor between you and your agency or client. We’ll invoice them based on the hours that you submit. When agency pays us we’ll deduct our admin margin and calculate the correct CIS deduction (20% or 30%) for your circumstances. We’ll then pay you the net amount straight into your bank account.

All our payments are SAME DAY so you get your money faster and we’ll send an SMS to your mobile letting you know money is on its way.

Each month we will complete the necessary CIS returns so HMRC are fully aware of your CIS deductions.

There are no joining or leaving charges, nor minimum tie in periods. You only pay for the service when you are actually using it and submitting timesheets.

Trusted by over 100,000 contractors since 2006, NASA Group are one of the most recommended contractor service providers in the UK...
So why not register with us today!

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