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With more people living longer and not enough of those people saving sufficiently for retirement, the government identified that fairly drastic action needed to be taken to plug the inevitable gap. The solution was Auto Enrolment.

Under Auto-Enrolment, all employers in the UK, including umbrella companies, must automatically enrol what are termed ‘eligible jobholders’ into a pension scheme. Once enrolled, set % deductions are made from qualifying income and transferred to the pension provider.

Eligible jobholders are those aged between 22-65 and who earn at least £182 gross taxable pay in the week your pay is assessed. If you fall into this category then you will automatically be enrolled in the chosen pension scheme of the employer.

Everyone has the option to Opt Out of the scheme should they wish. If you don’t meet the criteria above for being a ‘Eligible Jobholder’ you have the right to Opt In to the scheme at any time.

When does it apply?

Auto Enrolment actually became law on 1st October 2012 although only for the largest employers in the UK.

All employers have been provided with a Staging Date – the point at which they must begin Auto Enrolment for their employees. These staging dates are staggered between October 2012 – October 2017 with the smaller employers joining towards 2017.

Nasa Umbrella’s Auto Enrolment Staging Date: September 2013

Nasa will be utilising the full deferment period of 3 months so effective date for Auto Enrolment is 24th November 2013

Which scheme have Nasa chosen?

Nasa Umbrella has partnered with NOW Pensions to provide our Auto Enrolment provision. Alongside our HMRC approved payroll software provider, NOW Pensions will provide an excellent platform for our employees to make the most out of Auto Enrolment, offering full support, online systems, the lowest cost and what we see as a key factor – a transferable pension pot.

Opting Out/Opting In

Although all eligible jobholders will be automatically enrolled 12 weeks after registering with Nasa Umbrella, you do have the right to Opt Out from Auto Enrolment at any stage.

As mentioned, those who are not deemed ‘eligible jobholders’ can still Opt In to the scheme at any stage.

N.B –depending on your pay frequency this may be earlier than the 12 week period as the enrolment ties in with the end date of your tax period.

NOW Pensions handle all Opt Out/Opt In queries through their online systems. Each new Nasa employee will be set up with an account shortly after the first deduction with our umbrella service.

Further details can be found out about Auto Enrolment on NOW Pensions website here.

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