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Interviewing for the right candidate

Working for an Umbrella Company, we often see contractors signing up ahead of starting their work who in turn do not go ahead. This could be for a number of reasons, and is probably one of the biggest peeves for a recruiter.

JobsatTEAM has recently published an article on how you can help interview for the right candidate.

Written by Tracy Filler of Willow Training Services Ltd, she dives into the various aspects involved in being a recruiter over the years, as well as what 2016 has in store for us all.

"The non-recruitment industry clients I’m working with all agree that their greatest challenge in 2016 is attracting the right staff. Holding out for them to ‘come along’ is hurting their growth."

She also offers some advice: "Typically, I see candidate preparation being carried out by email, confirming interview times, who they will be seeing and perhaps details of how to get there. If this is true for you or your organisation, then you are missing some influential opportunities!"

Tracy goes on to give some great tips on how you can better prepare your candidate for an interview. These are great for recruiters, and also great for candidates who want to better prepare themselves for an interview.

The points she has given range from simple planning and advice you would do on a day-to-day basis, up to lending an extra helping hand where it is needed. One piece of advice she lends is especially helpful to those who may not have been to an interview for a while:

"If your candidate hasn’t been on interview for while or it’s the first time they’ve attended an interview through you, book a call/Skype/Facetime to talk through the details and run a ‘mock interview’ with them, so they can rehearse them with you and be pitch perfect on the day"

So who is this helpful for?

Recruitment Agencies who want to put forward their best candidates, without the risk of them being 'flaky' (described by Tracy). Putting forward the best possible candidate for an interview and preparing them well will not only give you the best chance of the worker starting the role, but also impress the end client.

Tracy's advise is also helpful to candidates themselves. Learning a little about how recruitment agencies can better prepare you for an interview will ensure your best chances too. Have a read through her article, and if you find you are not succeeding in job interviews, try asking the recruiter to help you with some of the tips that Tracy has listed.

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