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NASA Group passes FCSA accreditation with flying colours

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) is pleased to announce that NASA Group has demonstrated full adherence to the FCSA Code of Compliance and is now a fully accredited member. To become an accredited member, applicants must undergo a rigorous independent assessment of its business services, operations, policies and processes established by FCSA following extensive liaison with HMRC.

Adhering to the code of practice demonstrates to Government, freelancers, contractors and recruiters that FCSA members are acting both professionally and ethically within the UK tax, employment and regulatory laws. Coupled with financial stability tests, the FCSA Code of Conduct is proof that professional businesses can take the lead in delivering the highest levels of industry standards.

Founded in 2006 by Managing Director David Greene, Sales Director Alex Spendley and HR and Compliance Director Pippa Elsey, NASA Group provides umbrella, payroll and accountancy services to contractors and recruiters.

On becoming an FCSA accredited member, David Greene said: “FCSA is the recognised and trusted voice for the professional services sector so I am delighted that NASA Group has earned full accredited membership. Becoming FCSA accredited provides assurance to our clients and associates that they are dealing with a firm that is highly professional and compliant. Our hard work has paid off and it is a great way to start 2018. We now look forward to working with FCSA which is leading the way in supporting today’s flexible workforce.”

Julia Kermode, FCSA’s chief executive added: “I am delighted that NASA Group has been able to meet the extremely high standards required to become a fully accredited member of FCSA. It is an achievement to be celebrated and I am looking forward to working with David and his team.

“FCSA accredited membership is the quality mark that every freelancer, contractor and recruiter should look for when choosing a professional services company. By working with an FCSA accredited member they can have peace of mind that they are going to receive a reliable, responsible, and a proven fully compliant service that has been independently tested.”

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